The Albert Burger – Best Burger in Brighton?

Cheese and Bacon Burger at The Albert It’s rare that I’m genuinely in shock and awe of something, but that’s how I felt last night in The Albert, down under Brighton train station!

The menu came with a crazy amount of options, so for the burger I added bacon and cheese and for the chips, thick cut rather than skinny and chilli and cheese. Not chilli cheese mind, as that was a separate option, as were the beef brisket, hash browns, onion rings, guacamole etc etc etc TOO MANY CHOICES! The entire thing came to £10 on the nose.

I’m actually feeling bad writing this up, as the photos don’t do the burger justice. They don’t show the perfectly cooked centre of the meat, the delicious crisp of the chips and the amazing tenderness of the brisket (at least I think it was brisket, the menu just said ‘chilli’…)! I should probably do one of those Internet courses on food blogging and photo taking or something 🙁

Cheese and Bacon Burger at The Albert

The burger came with real bacon, the kind of bacon you’d be proud of, and the chilli on the chips? Not the minced beef and stewed kidney bean chilli I was expecting, rather a phenomenal slow cooked beef brisket flavoured with a deliciously spicey concoction.

The entire thing was awesome. Could this be the best burger in Brighton? It’s definitely the best one, hands down, that I’ve had in 2014.

Burger At The Thomas Kemp

Last week I helped a friend of mine move house, and in return he also let me buy him dinner .. He lives up near the Thomas Kemp and I hadn’t been there for a while so it was pretty much set in stone what I’d be eating.

From their menu description:

Thomas Kemp Beef Burger – £7.95
Our homemade beef burger with horseradish, gherkins, tomato & mixed leaves.

Burget At The Thomas Kemp

I can’t remember if the cheese and bacon was an added extra, but what was unexpected was a massive dollop of mayonnaise on the burger and a distinct lack of horseradish… it wasn’t entirely horrific, in fact it was quite a nice change as I never put mayonnaise on my burgers, that’s weird.

The ‘chips’ however were shit, especially compared to my mates deliciously soft and crispy fries, which I ended up eating most of as he wasn’t that hungry. The ones served with the burger were, probably ‘hand cut’ as that’s all the rage, chunks of potato, fried to the degree that they weren’t crispy in the slightest but were still incredibly greasy, which really defeated the point. It’s hard to get chips with their skin on right, and the Thomas Kemp didn’t. Compared to their other style of chip it was a real let down.

Burget At The Thomas Kemp

The cheese was deliciously melty and the bacon was fantastically bacony and the array of salad in the burger complimented it, rather than fell out, but I do have a gherkin fetish and have been adding more fresh tomato to my diet in recent weeks. Whilst I’m in no way pretending the addition of salad was healthy, it added to the overall taste and texture of each bite, which is the point.

The highlight of the burger was the bread, deliciously soft and crunchy ciabatta, the burger meat itself was also nice, the entire experience was thoroughly delicious but, due to the standard of pub burgers steadily increasing, not mind blowingly special. I would definitely eat it again though, but I’d prefer their other chips..

Burger At The Seven Stars

I recently went to the Seven Stars for a lunch burger on a hangover day at work. It was the worst burger experience of my life and I wasn’t going to write it up due to the hangover but I’ve been assured that it wasn’t how I felt, the food was actually terrible, so here we go. I will also preface this with the staff were amazing, I’m sure I’ve had a burger here in the past that was pretty good so maybe this was just an off day, but my friend who also ordered the same burger had the same issue.

I can’t remember how much the burger cost, it was around £10 and with a pint of coke it came to £13 so this was definitely very expensive for a pub lunch, and at those prices, you expect quality.

Seven Stars BurgerBurned. It was probably supposed to be char grilled, but really it was just burned. The patty was also really thin, even at it’s best it didn’t give the impression it would have been great, given the cost. It felt cheap.

The bread was dry and slightly rubbery, like it had been left over night or something, really wasn’t nice to eat at all.

Seven Stars BurgerThe level of burning made the salad taste really nasty, it was just covered in charcoal. Really not nice to eat! Just tasted of burn. The lettuce and tomatoes themselves were crisp and fresh however.

Seven Stars BurgerMore burn! The chips were fantastic. Lovely potato, fluffy, nice taste, bit of crunch. Delicious.

Seven Stars BurgerNow, the reasons the photos are all in tin foil is when I took the first bite I felt it was too hideous to eat, but realised I’d need to eat something later in the day, so the staff were really nice and wrapped it for me to take back to work. Amazing customer service, just terrible food. Will not eat there again.

Sidey Burger at the Sidewinder

I accidently ended up at the Sidewinder in Brighton and realised I haven’t had their burger in a while so couldn’t say no as I was starving 😀 They have several different burgers, the 2 main ones being their Classic and the Sidey. ‘Why settle?’ is one of my motos so I opted for the Sidey in all it’s delicious glory!

The Classic Burger

Homemade & 100% British Beef Burger topped with melted emmental cheese, a slice of bacon, roquette & beef tomato in a seeded brioche bap. Served with a side of fries and our house lime and coriander redslaw. £7.25

The Sidey Burger

The old Sidewinder favourite is The Classic Burger plus crispy beer battered onion rings with bbq sauce. Also served with a side of fries and our house redslaw.

Sidey Burger At The Sidewinder

The presentation was great, 1/3rd burger, 1/3rd purple coleslaw and 1/3rd chips. The first time I’d encountered purple coleslaw was when I first to Brighton and the Famous Moes pizza company did it, since then it’s slowly spread. Purple coleslaw in general is very tasty, the purple coleslaw at the Sidewinder is definitely good, it’s heavy on the mayonnaise though, but the vegetables are nice and crunchy.

The chips were a little meh. Average fries, not bad by any means but they let the side down a little.

Sidey Burger At The Sidewinder

The burger was great, it could have had more cheese, I barely noticed the flavour of the elemental and the bacon. Both were visable but their flavours didn’t really come through at all. The onion ring gave a nice crunchy texture and flavour to the ensamble. The bread was nice and obviously fresh, it was lightly toasted inside giving it a squidgy and crunchy texture!

Sidey Burger At The Sidewinder

The patty itself was nice, cooked perfectly with a delicious slightly peppery taste, can’t fault it! The use of a cocktail stick to keep the entire thing together was appreciated and well thought out. It is a well put together burger and presenting it in that manner is so much more appreciated compared to simply letting it fall apart, or worse, leaving one half of the bun off the top!

Would definitely recommend if up in Kemp Town again!

Cheese and Bacon Burger at The Victory

Recently I went to The Victory with some mates and watched as they ate an epic burger in front of it, so when I went back recently I had no choice but to investigate!

I opted for the bacon and cheese accessories, of course, and it comes with a massive portion of straight cut fries on the side and a small pot of bbq sauce too!

This was the first burger I’ve tried in a long time that I actually had to eat with a knife and fork. It was completely impossible for me to get any of it in my mouth, so I opted for the cutlery option rather than the messy option, I don’t feel this impaired my experience at all.

The bread was delicious, and the salad was fresh, there was lettuce and tomato involved. The burger was delicious, very flavourful, and it was huge. The chips were entirely unnecessary and I would have been very happy with out them, but being the person that I am, I pretty much ate them all anyway even though just the burger filled me up. The chips weren’t great, typical thin fries, and let the burger down a little, but again not really a problem.

Would I eat there again? Definitely, but I’d take a crew of people with me to palm the chips off to 🙂

Chili Burger With Cheese at The Royal Pavilion Tavern

The Royal Pavilion Tavern, aka Pav Tav, is a pretty popular student venue in the evenings, but lunch time, on a Saturday, it’s mostly OAPs, but they do beer and a burger for £4.99 so it had to be tried, especially as I’m working today!

I opted for the Chilli Burger with Cheese and a beer, at £5.59, and upgraded to curly fries for an additional 69p, so all it all it came to £6.28, and of course soda and lime instead of a beer 🙂

As you can see, what we have here isn’t exactly anything special. It was a generic burger, with some lettuce and tomato inside a white sesame seed bun. On top of the burger was some chilli, and then a slice of elemental cheese.

The bap was a little dry and very uninteresting, the meat was pretty flavourless but oozed a lot of fat, the chili had no taste and no heat, I didn’t really notice the cheese either. The tomato tasted nice and the curly fries generic curly fries, so quite tasty.

In short, terrible, will not eat at again, ever.

There are better places for the same price, or less, who also have cute waitresses!

Beer and a gourmet burger at the Wetherspoons

It’s a Friday and traditionally everyone goes to the pub for lunch as a precursor to what will be a fantastic weekend! A new Wetherspoons opened up near us recently and I was looking forwards to trying a Gourmet Burger from them as I’d had one of their normal burgers before and quite enjoyed it!

It’s a 6oz burger, made from British beef, and from their description:

Topped with two bacon slices and a Stilton, Shropshire blue and spring onion sauce. Includes six beer-battered whole onion rings.

The important thing to note is the 1828 kcal the burger has.. this is the kind of meal where you don’t eat anything for the rest of the day!

The price including a beer, I opted for a Tuborg but I didn’t drink it, came to £7.20 which is not as cheap as the burger from the Wahoo bar but still very reasonable. Instead of the beer I had a lime and soda, which was free.

3 onion rings were located inside the burger, and three were on the side. There was a small pot of relish which wasn’t very exciting so I added vinegar, mustard and mayonnaise 😉

The burger was pretty tall, and was actually as wide as the bun, so there were no empty mouth fulls of bread going on, however it must be noted that it comes with a cheese sauce, and not a slice of cheese, which made it very messy to eat, but it was delicious. It also had lettuce and tomato in it, which made me feel a little healthier but didn’t really add to the taste or sensation whilst eating it, it could have done with some gerkins.

The chips were rubbish, they felt like cheap oven chips, no crunch and no fluffy insides, just dense pieces of seasoned potato.

All in all I was pleased with the burger, but probably will not be eating it again due to the unnecessarily high calorific content. Ignorance is bliss and in future I will be eating something less indulgent, or at least something I don’t know the nutritional information of!

Beer and a burger at the Wahoo bar

We decided to go and watch the football at the Wahoo bar yesterday and I saw their beer and a burger for £4.99 offer and couldn’t say no!

For £4.99 you get a burger on a white bun, loaded with salad, gerkins, 2 hash browns and a side portion of chips. You also get a drink, either a bottle, something on draft or a soft drink, I opted for a pint of Kronenburg!

As you can see from the picture, the burger is rather stacked, it’s quite tall, but the actual burger itself is half the diameter of the bun.

It was very easy to eat though as I squashed it down through the middle causing the burger to spread out and fill the bun.

The girl serving didn’t take my table number and then forgot what I looked like and gave the order to someone else to bring to me who got a little confused as she didn’t know where or to whom she was taking it. Also I wasn’t given any sauces and in the confusion forgot to ask and was too lazy to get up out of my chair.

The burger itself was very tasty, the combination of gerkins, meat and hash browns yielded a nice mix of crunchy and soft and there were lots of different flavours coming through.

The meat itself was a little bland and thoroughly cooked through, which is just as well this time even though I quite enjoy a little bit of pink in the middle now and again.

Not the best burger I’ve had, especially compared to a Wetherspoons burger at a similar price, but very reasonable none the less.

Would eat again, but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

Burger At The Mash Tun

For lunch today we all decided to go to the Mash Tun pub. I argued blind that they didn’t do any food, but it turns out, fortunately, that they did!

Burger At The Mash Tun

I had a most fantastic burger, which was almost the size of my pint glass. The patty was really nicely flavoured, with onions and green bits and all sorts, and not over blown with pepper, which seems to be the norm nowadays. The chips were also really good, a lot of places seem to be mimicking the style of Heston’s Thrice Cooked Chips!

Sausage And Mash At The Mash Tun

My friends opted for the Wild Bore Sausage and Mash, which looked and smelled phenomenal.

I would definitely go back again, my only criticism was the waiting time, and lack of out door seats, but you can’t win ’em all!!!