Bing The Most Altruistic Search Engine

I needed to access Bing’s Webmaster Tools to have a look at the configuration for this site. I couldn’t remember the URL off hand so I decided to ‘Google’ the search term using Bing!

Bing The Most Altruistic Search Engine

That’s very nice of them … I guess part of Bing’s preference engine might rank pages higher depending on where the search words are in the title of your page or something!

About rus

Arrogant, narcissistic and imperatively logical. I first started coding in the mid 80s on an Amstrad 6128, entering games found in the back of Amstrad Action.After watching Hackers and falling in love with Angelina Jolie I installed Slackware 2.0 on a P200 in 1997and spent the next 6-7 years studying computery things at various colleges and universities.Several years later I can now be found in an office premises by day sat in front of a Macbook, using a Windows VM to manage Linux servers, or in a field by night, fire dancing and holding pyrotechnics casually in my hands whilst they explode.


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