Sidey Burger at the Sidewinder

I accidently ended up at the Sidewinder in Brighton and realised I haven’t had their burger in a while so couldn’t say no as I was starving :D They have several different burgers, the 2 main ones being their Classic and the Sidey. ‘Why settle?’ is one of my motos so I opted for the Sidey in all it’s delicious glory!

The Classic Burger

Homemade & 100% British Beef Burger topped with melted emmental cheese, a slice of bacon, roquette & beef tomato in a seeded brioche bap. Served with a side of fries and our house lime and coriander redslaw. £7.25

The Sidey Burger

The old Sidewinder favourite is The Classic Burger plus crispy beer battered onion rings with bbq sauce. Also served with a side of fries and our house redslaw.

Sidey Burger At The Sidewinder

The presentation was great, 1/3rd burger, 1/3rd purple coleslaw and 1/3rd chips. The first time I’d encountered purple coleslaw was when I first to Brighton and the Famous Moes pizza company did it, since then it’s slowly spread. Purple coleslaw in general is very tasty, the purple coleslaw at the Sidewinder is definitely good, it’s heavy on the mayonnaise though, but the vegetables are nice and crunchy.

The chips were a little meh. Average fries, not bad by any means but they let the side down a little.

Sidey Burger At The Sidewinder

The burger was great, it could have had more cheese, I barely noticed the flavour of the elemental and the bacon. Both were visable but their flavours didn’t really come through at all. The onion ring gave a nice crunchy texture and flavour to the ensamble. The bread was nice and obviously fresh, it was lightly toasted inside giving it a squidgy and crunchy texture!

Sidey Burger At The Sidewinder

The patty itself was nice, cooked perfectly with a delicious slightly peppery taste, can’t fault it! The use of a cocktail stick to keep the entire thing together was appreciated and well thought out. It is a well put together burger and presenting it in that manner is so much more appreciated compared to simply letting it fall apart, or worse, leaving one half of the bun off the top!

Would definitely recommend if up in Kemp Town again!

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